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Sexual Harassment Lawyer NYC

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, harassment in the workplace remains an American “epidemic”. Citing to its 2014 National Survey, the WBI found the study revealed more than 70 percent of the American public are aware of harassing behavior at the workplace; almost 30 percent of workers have current or past experience with workplace harassment; and over 70 percent of employers have encouraged, rationalized, denied, discounted or even defended such inappropriate behavior.

Unfortunately, sometimes the workplace environment can be just as divided as those days back in high school  – where gossip, cliques, and passive-aggressive behavior reigns. If you or someone you know believes he or she has been the victim of workplace harassment, contact an experienced sexual harassment lawyer in NYC.

How To Deal with Workplace Harassment

It is important to remember that if you have been experiencing any type of harassment at work, there are some steps that can be taken to help diffuse the situation and ultimately regain your work environment. Below are five steps for dealing with workplace harassment.

  1. Stop and evaluate: look at the situation objectively to confirm whether or not workplace harassment has actually occurred. It’s not abnormal to have confrontations with people at the workplace. In fact, you don’t have to be friends with all of your coworkers. If the behavior has, indeed, risen to the level of workplace harassment make a plan and follow the next few steps;
  2. Assert yourself: first, do not feel guilty for not confronting the situation immediately. That being said, do not wait to see if the harassment will fade simply because of the passage of time. Workplace harassment must be stopped. Set limits clearly and consistently so that the harasser will eventually learn that he or she cannot get away with the inappropriate behavior;
  3. Document, document, document: start the habit of writing down what happens with the aggressor and when. Keeping a detailed log of what was said, what was done, and how you reacted is key. This record can be a powerful tool should things become more complicated. Always remember, however, to behave in a respectful and appropriate manner no matter what the harasser says or does;
  4. Reach out to higher ups: after objectively looking at the circumstances and having the proper documentation in place, should the behavior continue it may be time to inject a superior into the situation. Generally, human resources is the best place to start this dialogue; because these professionals are trained to handle these types of situations, the process may be slow and possibly overly neutral because of the potential legal liability that may ensue;
  5. If nothing changes, move on: if you have done everything in your power to stop the harassment on an individual and company level and still the behavior remains unchecked, it is likely time for you to leave. Workplace harassment, if left untouched, can harm a victim’s emotional, mental and physical health. If your employer is not willing or able to provide a safe, comfortable work environment then take your skills to an organization that will.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer NYC

No one should be exposed to harassment in the workplace, whether it is sexual harassment or any other type of discrimination. With over two decades of combined experienced managing employment issues on behalf of clients, the skilled lawyers at White Ricotta & Marks P.C. can handle many types of legal issues such as unpaid overtime, all forms of discrimination, and 3020-a hearings. To schedule your initial case evaluation with one of the most experienced sexual harassment lawyer NYC has to offer, call (800) 240-9269 today.

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