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Changing the workplace can change the world. When people are able to succeed in the workplace, they succeed in the eyes of others and erode prejudicial notions and stereotypes. By removing impediments to success—such as discrimination and harassment—dedicated employment law attorneys can help ensure that everyone has a chance to be successful. Ricotta & Marks, P.C., is a Queens-based employment discrimination law firm whose mission is to protect the rights of employees and bring about a better work environment for employees, and a better world.

As an employee, you have certain rights that are protected by state and federal laws. Even though many of these laws have been on the books for decades, employers still violate them. Your employer might also take advantage of your fear that you will lose your job if you speak up, but the law protects you from employer retaliation.


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35 Years Combined Experience

Other firms may handle employment law cases occasionally. Our Queens employment discrimination lawyers focus exclusively on employment law. We handle these cases every day. We take on issues such as unpaid overtime, harassment and discrimination in all of its forms. We also work closely with teachers facing 3020-a hearings and employees who lose their jobs for attempting to unionize.

The lawyers at our firm have more than 30 years of combined experience. We are willing to take cases to court when reasonable settlements cannot be reached. We excel at trial, winning some of the state’s highest trial verdicts in recent years.


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Ricotta & Marks, P.C. are the most professional attorneys I have ever dealt with.

They handled my case as if it was their own. Instead of doing what most attorneys do, which is telling clients what they want to hear in order to get the case (and the money), they were honest and up front with me. They told me realistically what I could expect.


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Ricotta & Marks worked hard for me.

Both Mr. Ricotta and Mr. Marks treated me with respect, and as a human being, not just as a client. They talked me through the whole process, gave me good advice and got the job done! It was smooth sailing for me, and I am sure that this was all because they worked hard for me.



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Ricotta & Marks, P.C.

We understand that your situation is urgent. Our New York employment discrimination attorneys will respond to your questions and concerns as quickly as possible.

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