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3020a hearing

3020a hearing

Is there a fee associated
with a 3020a hearing?

Yes. The fee is $150 and it must be paid by the district. This is because the panel of officers who are qualified to conduct these hearings is maintained by the American Arbitration Association (AAA), which is a non-profit organization. If a district and a teacher cannot agree on which officers should conduct a hearing, the AAA can make this determination for an additional $50 fee.

Once you are served your charges, you should contact your union office. They will request a hearing and even appoint you with a union attorney. However, you can defend yourself or hire a private attorney. Hiring your own attorney is worth it to obtain a better outcome. The union is currently inundated with 3020a cases, so attorneys have little time to prepare your case. Therefore, a private attorney may have more time and resources to help you.

Also, if you are found guilty of a crime during a 3020a hearing, you may have to pay a fine as part of your punishment and you may also be suspended without pay.

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