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When you think of employment law issues, you may think of an employee getting a lawyer. However, sometimes employers need lawyers, as well. While employers should be able to handle most employment issues on their own, there are times when the laws are complicated and they need advice so they can avoid legal trouble, which can lead to hefty fines.

Do not think you have to solve every employment issue on your own. If you delay hiring a lawyer, you are putting your company at risk. There are many situations in which an employer can benefit from the expertise of an employment lawyer.


It is a good idea to seek a lawyer’s advice before making major employment decisions, such as firing an employee. Firing someone is always a tricky issue. Not only will the employee likely be very upset, but it is possible that the firing could be considered illegal.

Other major employment issues include changing a pension plan, ceasing certain benefits or a mass layoff. These are situations in which you should seek legal help, as there are state and federal laws involved. A lawyer can help you handle such a problem and make sure you are taking all the right steps.

Another area is employee classifications. Some employees may be exempt or nonexempt. Some workers may be hired as freelancers, but they may actually be performing the same duties as an employee, so it is best to get your classifications straight to avoid legal issues.

Documentation Review

It is best to get a lawyer’s take on any documents that you plan to give to employees, such as contracts, agreements and handbooks. Contracts and agreements should include the necessary legal terms and ensure that the language is clear and will not cause problems later on. You will want to ensure that your employee handbooks and policies also contain pertinent information while following laws. However, you want to avoid any unintended obligations toward employees, so a lawyer can help you make your intentions clear.

Legal Matters

If you are being sued, you will want to lawyer up right away. Do not think you can handle these cases on your own. You will want to act quickly to make sure your rights are protected, as there are often short time limits involved.

Hiring a lawyer can help in many ways. Lawsuits and complaints often require a formal response. Plus, you will need to preserve evidence that can be used in court. You could be sued for discrimination and retaliation, as well as issues such as unemployment benefits. If the plaintiff has filed a claim that could result in significant financial damages, you should especially act quickly.

Contact a New York Employment Law Attorney

Issues often crop up in the area of employment. There are many complicated laws involved, and if you do not follow them, you could jeopardize your business.

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