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Background Check

Background Check

Can an Employer
Run a Background Check on me?

Some jobs require a high level of security or require a person to handle sensitive information. As such, employers may perform a legal background check for employment, An employer is allowed to run a background check on any job applicant during the hiring process, as long as the employer does not ask for medical or genetic information.

What do employers look for in a background check? An employer has the legal right to request many types of information. They may ask for your employment history, criminal history, education, credit score, and social media use.

When an employer does ask you for this information, they must treat you the same as everyone else. For example, you cannot be discriminated against or asked to provide additional information because of your age, ethnicity, gender, religion, or disability status.

Many employers gather this information from credit reports and criminal background checks. These cannot be done without your permission, however.

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