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Firing From Pregnancy?

Firing From Pregnancy?

Can my Employer Fire me for Being Pregnant?

Getting fired for being pregnant or being treated unfavorably in a work environment due to pregnancy or childbirth is against the law. Pregnancy discrimination involves treating a woman unfavorably because of pregnancy or childbirth. Pregnancy discrimination is rampant in many top companies across the country. Women have been known to get laid off once they start showing. Some are fired after giving birth. Others are allowed to keep their jobs but are demoted or forced to pump breast milk in cluttered spaces.  Similarly, it is illegal for an employer (with 15 or more employees) to refuse to hire a pregnant woman or to refuse to hire an applicant because she could potentially become pregnant in the future.

An employer cannot fire or refuse to hire a woman solely based on pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered a form of temporary disability, and as such, women who are pregnant are treated the same as those who are disabled. If you were fired while pregnant, you may be able to file a legal claim against your employer.

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