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New York Holiday Pay Policy

Christmas is upon us, and many workers are making plans to take time off for the holidays to spend time with loved ones. Many people get the day off on Christmas, but they may wonder: Will they get paid for taking this time off?

Under New York State Labor Law, employees are not required to be paid for time not worked. This means that while their company may have them take the day off, the companies do not have to pay them for it. This applies to holidays, sick time, and personal leave.

The only exception to this is if the employer has a policy in place that allows for paid holidays. For example, if your employee handbook says that you must be paid for Christmas or other holidays, then you should expect to receive pay even though you did not work that day. If you don’t, then that is a violation of the law.

While every company has the right to enforce its own vacation policies, it is in their best interest to allow employees paid time off during the holidays. Read on to learn about the many benefits of such a policy.

Benefits of Vacation Time for Employees

Vacation time offers many benefits for employees and employers alike. Employers benefits by improving employee morale. Employees feel happier about going to work because they are given time off to recharge. As a result, employees come back to work feeling more productive than ever.

Vacation time is a health benefit for employees. Constantly working is not good for the body. Skipping vacations can lead to an increased risk of heart attacks. This means that allowing vacations can lead to lower health care costs, which means fewer sick days, as well.

The holidays can be a stressful time for employees. There is never enough time to prepare and get the house ready for guests. By allowing time off before and after the holidays, employees feel less stressed. They are better able to enjoy the holidays rather than feeling rushed because they have to go back to work the next day.

Employers should encourage employees to take time off. Many employees worry about job security, but there should be no pressure to work throughout the holidays. Nobody should be viewed as “lazy” or “not dedicated” by taking some time off for themselves once in a while. 80-hour weeks should not be the norm. Work-life balance should be the goal.

Contact a New York Wage and Hour Dispute Lawyer

While you are not required to be paid for holiday time off under New York law, you are required to be paid for the time you did work. Plus, your employer is required to abide by any company policies regarding holiday pay. If you are having issues getting paid by your employer, seek legal help.

The experienced New York wage and hour lawyers at Ricotta & Marks, P.C. can file a claim against your employer and help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your unpaid work time. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (347) 464-8694.

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