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In some circumstances terminated employee can take legal action

While there are of course many people who enjoy their jobs, the reality remains that in most cases having a job is not a choice. Instead it is necessary to make ends meet. Because of this, for most people holding on their job is important and they do everything they can to keep it. At times, despite this they are fired. While most people are employed at will and his or her employer can let someone go either for cause, or just because, there are situations when the termination of employment is illegal.

Situations that illustrate this include discrimination based on gender, disability, religion, pregnancy, race or sexual orientation. In addition, being fired after taking time off under a program such as the Family and Medical Leave Act, reporting illegal acts as a whistleblower, a breach of your employment contract by your employer or the refusal to perform an illegal act, can also be deemed illegal. Any worker who feels that he or she has experienced this type of treatment may be able to pursue legal action against their former employer.

Such legal action might accomplish a couple of things. First, a successful case might result in damages being paid to the former employee. In these situations the amount available will depend on what the employee believes the basis of the claim is. In addition, in some situations, it may be possible for that worker to get his or her job back.

If you believe your job was wrongfully terminated it may be worth your time to pursue a wrongful termination claim. For more information on the subject please see our website.

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