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Discrimination because of race or national origin can be devastating to its victims. It is against Employment and Labor Laws to treat a worker differently or deny them equal opportunities because of their race or color. That is why discrimination attorneys at Ricotta & Marks, P.C. are committed to helping you protect your right in workplaces. Schedule an appointment if you feel you are treated unfairly.

What is race discrimination in workplaces?

Race discrimination can simply be defined as unfair treatment based on skin color. In most cases, clients find it challenging to identify or quantify this kind of discrimination. In rare cases, the employer may not be aware that they are practicing this behavior. The law takes workplace harassment to be a serious issue that requires immediate action. Intimidation and fear of resulting consequences are some of the significant reasons these cases go unreported. However, with a discrimination attorney, it is possible to break the cycle of discrimination.

Examples of workplace race discrimination

Imagine a scenario where you have undergone all the necessary application steps, passed the final interview, and it is clear that you are the most suitable person for that position. However, the employer denies you that position because of your skin color. Another common case is when an employee has the most outstanding and consistent sales numbers, but they are denied a managerial position because the employee would not be comfortable by a person of such a race holding the office. These are the most common cases where discrimination based on race is clearly evident. Others include:

  • Making less money as a person of color compared to other races who have probably spent less time in the company
  • Constant harassment by coworkers and insulting jokes based on your race
  • Failing to get a position despite having the experience and excellent references just because of your national origin

When a new supervisor takes over, they are treating you worse that your co-workers of a different race or national origin.

All the cases discussed above can be solved by filing a lawsuit against the company with the help of an experienced attorney.

Is discrimination the same as harassment?

Discrimination and harassment are often confused. However, there is a significant difference between the two. Understanding the difference is essential if you want to know how to handle the situation. Discrimination is when an organization mistreats you because you come from a specific national origin or you have a different skin color. On the other hand, harassment can target anyone. This is where coworkers make statements about you that are derogatory or vulgar. If your harassment is based on race, the law gives you a chance to file a lawsuit and seek compensation.

Filing a lawsuit

You know you are a victim of race discrimination if you were fired, harassed, denied a promotion, or treated worse than your coworkers because of having a different race. If this is your situation, a Queens race discrimination attorney will discuss your case and help you protect your rights. They have the skills and training to handle these cases. Schedule an appointment or call the offices at (347) 464-8694.

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