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While it is estimated that one in three women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace at some point in their life, what happens after the hostile behavior is reported is rarely talked about. A recent Business Standard article told the story of a woman who was treated unfavorably after she reported sexual harassment to management. Indeed, she faced hostility, aggressiveness and verbal embarrassment, according to the report. While not all stories have such an ending, it is important to know that victims of sexual harassment in the workplace are protected even after they report the appropriate behavior. If you or someone you know has had rights violated due to sexual harassment in the workplace, contact a sexual harassment lawyer in NYC immediately.

Legal Protections Under Title VII

Sexual harassment at the workplace is a form of sex discrimination from which all employees are protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Generally, sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome sexual advances (verbal or physical), requests for sexual favors or other conduct that is sexual in nature. The law protects men and women, and sexual harassment can involve individuals of the opposite or same gender and men or women may be the aggressor. Moreover, harassers may be anyone in the workplace – a supervisor, coworker, or even a subordinate.

Once the sexual harassment occurs, Title VII prohibits an employer from retaliating against the person reporting the unsuitable behavior. The law also protects someone who chooses to participate in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing on behalf of the victim from retaliation by an employer. Beyond this federal law, some states have enacted stronger safeguards. In New York, the NYC Commission on Human Rights provides further protections under state law. For example, under state law the harassment can be verbal, physical or pictorial and can include: sexual comments, jokes, innuendos; pressures for dates; sexual touching; sexual gestures; and sexual graffiti. In addition to prohibiting retaliation by an employer for reporting sexual harassment – or opposing unlawful discrimination that someone else experienced – employees are protected as long as they had a “reasonable good faith believe” that the employer’s conduct was illegal, even if it turns out that they were mistaken.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer NYC

The most skilled sexual harassment lawyer NYC has to offer is one that will not budge in the face of opposition. No one should be subjected to discrimination in the workplace, whether it is sexual harassment or some other type of discrimination. With more than 20 years of combined experienced, the skilled lawyers at White Ricotta & Marks P.C. are the most aggressive sexual harassment lawyers NYC has to offer. They can handle many types of employment issues such as unpaid overtime, all forms of discrimination, and 3020-a hearings. Call, toll-free, (800) 240-9269 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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