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Interpretations regarding employment contract law can affect people of varying socioeconomic levels differently. Those with certain talents can, with some skill and luck, make a profitable living doing something they enjoy. The players of the MLB, NFL, and NHL, etc., would agree. Professional video gamers are working their way into this niche world. For the video gamers, however, there are no agents, managers, unions, lawyers or other forms of protection who look out for their individual rights and their prospective futures.

These players face fines for rule infractions against the league. It does not matter if the players are aware of these rules or if the players are on or off the clock when the hypothetical incidents took place. These rules do not take into consideration the ages of these players and that many of them will have possibly aged out of the league by the time that many would be finishing their bachelor’s degree.

A recent case involved the two teams within the League of Legends. The teams Counter Logic Gaming and Team Dignitas became embroiled in a case involving illegally luring contracted players from Team Dignitas to Counter Logic Gaming. The investigation ended with a player on Counter Logic Gaming being fined $2,000 and the team itself being fined $10,000. These fines could be seen as small to some or considerable to others, but one thing is for sure: as the league continues to grow and gain more attention, salaries and fines will most likely rise. These fines, however, should be levied fairly and equally for violations of fair rules and contracts.

It could be argued, however, that fairness is not currently being employed within the league when it comes to the creation and maintaining of the burgeoning sport. The facts are clear, the league as it stands lacks structure and the future of the league will be in jeopardy if changes are not made to ensure a stronger infrastructure. When teams look to their own players to help them fill empty roster spots there is a bigger issue at hand than a possibly badly managed team. With the creation of a league it is up to the founders of that league to create policy and procedure that will result in teams that have a strong understanding of what is expected of them and how they will need to operate.

Major League Baseball, as well as most other major leagues, have farm team structures as well as rules governing who can do what for each team, and requirements that those positions be filled by those with knowledge of how the system works. The major issue at hand is not the teams’ actions but the lack of foresight and realistic requirements on players from the league. If the league ties these young players to unrealistic contracts and terms it is not unfair to assume that some of these rules will be broken, and very possibly not with ill intent. Reforms from the top of the league to the individual player’s knowledge of his contract need to be made if this league wants to continue. Otherwise, the only thing left may be the legend of a new and engaging sport that was lost to time.

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