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Lawyers Specializing in Education Law to Help With 3020 Hearings

New York’s new $142 million budget contains language that would make it harder for public-school teachers to obtain tenure, which prohibits the firing of a tenured teacher without cause, according to a recent news report. Instead of the current three-year probationary period before becoming eligible for tenure safeguards, beginning July 1 new teachers will face…

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Employment Contract Law: Major Local Employer Loses Contract After Giving Misleading Information

The U.S. Department of Education just pulled the contracts of five companies, including Pioneer Credit Recovery – a major provider of jobs in Wyoming County – according to a recent WIVB4 News report. The Department of Education reviewed 22 private collection agencies, and found that five were engaging in misleading practices and violating federal and…

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Sexual Harassment Lawyer NYC: Tell and Suffer – Workplace Issues

While it is estimated that one in three women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace at some point in their life, what happens after the hostile behavior is reported is rarely talked about. A recent Business Standard article told the story of a woman who was treated unfavorably after she reported sexual harassment to…

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1 in 3 Women Has Been Sexually Harassed at Work, Survey Says

A study found that one in three women has been sexually harassed at work, according to a recent Huffington Post article. In addition,  Cosmopolitan conducted a survey of more than 2,200 full-time and part-time female employees between the ages of 18 and 34 and discovered some alarming facts. Other statistics the study found include that…

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Employment Discrimination Lawyers NY: Jose vs. Joe

What’s in a name? A lot, apparently. Jose Zamora was searching for employment for months, sending out as many as 100 resumes a day. The responses, however, were minimal if any. Then Zamora changed one thing in his resume and, within a week, his inbox was full. What was the difference? Jose became Joe. According…

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Pregnancy Discrimination Case: Supreme Court Rules Against UPS

Earlier this month the United States Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of a former UPS worker who claimed pregnancy discrimination when the company refused to accommodate her need to not lift more than 20 pounds. According to the petition filed on behalf of the woman, Peggy Young, UPS claimed it offered light duty to…

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Employment Contract Law & The Rules Governing Play

Interpretations regarding employment contract law can affect people of varying socioeconomic levels differently. Those with certain talents can, with some skill and luck, make a profitable living doing something they enjoy. The players of the MLB, NFL, and NHL, etc., would agree. Professional video gamers are working their way into this niche world. For the…

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Woman succeeds in ADA claim against Wal-Mart concerning drug test

Many workers are probably aware that they cannot be discriminated against in the workplace because of their disability. They may not be aware however that those protections extend to potential employers. In other words, a disabled person cannot be discriminated on the basis of his or her disability during the hiring process either.

When this happens a potential employee can take legal action against the employer that did not hire him or her. A federal disability discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores East, L.P., illustrates how such a case may turn out.

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Migraines and the ADA

When most people think about the conditions that the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to, it is likely that the disabilities that come to mind are physical conditions. Of course the reality is that many different types of disabilities could…

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Pregnant women have protections in the workplace

For many women, being pregnant is a dream come true. In some cases in can feel as though nothing can bring them down. Unfortunately, this feeling can quickly be squelched when an employer does not respond well to the pregnancy…

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